Group the Loop
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 ✓ Record and loop your voice or instrument ✓ Group together loops to create sections - (e.g. Verse, Bridge, Chorus) ✓ Switch between groups in real time ✓ Audio unit version 3 support - Use your favourite 3rd party effects. ✓ Audiobus support - Connect to other Audiobus enabled apps. ✓ Inter-app audio support - Connect to other Inter-app audio enabled apps. ✓ Ableton Link support - Play in time with other music apps and devices ✓ AudioShare support - Import and export loops via AudioShare ✓ Inbuilt effects - Reverb, delay, noise gate, LP/HP filters ✓ MIDI control - Control Group the Loop remotely with a MIDI foot pedal or any supported device ✓ Built in drum machine - Jam along to a comprehensive collection of grooves and beats ✓ Drag and drop support - Drag and drop audio files between Group the Loop and other apps ✓ Tap tempo ✓ Pitch algorithm - Change the tempo by altering the pitch ✓ Time stretch algorithm - Change the tempo without altering the pitch ✓ Overdub - Record infinite layers on any loop ✓ Undo / redo overdub layers ✓ Metronome ✓ Volume and pan - Adjustable on every loop and group ✓ Labels - Label loops and groups ✓ Headphone monitoring - Monitor your instrument through your headphones ✓ CUE recording - Automatically start and stop recording loops. Or turn ‘CUE’ off for instant and continuous recording ✓ CUE muting - Loops will wait until the beginning of the next cycle before muting/unmuting ✓ CUE overdubbing - Loops will wait until the beginning of the next cycle before overdubbing ✓ Performance Recording - Record your performances in real time ✓ Count In - Counts you in before recording a loop ✓ Master Group - A separate group for drums or percussion that plays throughout your song ✓ Move - Move loops between groups ✓ Merge - Combine two loops ✓ Copy - Duplicate a loop ✓ Sample accurate recording and playback - Keeps your loops in perfect sync ✓ External audio interface support - Use an audio interface to connect to a PA or amplifier ✓ Supported buffer sizes: 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 frames ✓ Supported sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz